Hi! I'm Kathy
Little bit about me... I'm an 18 year old design student with big dreams and aspiring goals as well as a contentment with the finer and simple details in life. I often find myself dreaming and gazing about anything to nothing as well as obsessing over cookies and cream ice cream


'Alongcamekathy' was started through my passion for writing as well as a way to share my thoughts on things I liked and things I have been obsessing over. The blogging community is so big and some of my biggest inspirations are bloggers. My blog posts consist of things I am passionate about such as  makeup and beauty, baking and food as well as design. This blog is me (not to sound conceited or anything) and I share my life and my thoughts through this blog.
I post once a week usually on Fridays so I look forward to reading your lovely comments :)
My header is designed by me as well as the sign at the bottom of my blog posts. All photos are also taken by me (unless stated) and edited on photoshop - I use the Nikon D3200 24mp with a 18-55mm lens.


For any business or personal enquiries contact me at kathyjitpungtum@gmail.com or my twitter @_kathyj97

I hope you find my blog somewhat worth reading as well as inspiring!

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