US Haul with My Mall Box

by - Monday, September 18, 2017

Guess who's back...back again!
I haven't written a blog post in ages and I've definitely missed it. The company My Mall Box reached out to me and I obviously took the opportunity since it's been a service I've wanted to try for awhile now. There are so many of these shipping services out there and me being the skeptic that I am, I wasn't too sure how reliable they would be. Overall I'm decently surprised and happy with the results and how quickly everything came.

Living in New Zealand means many countries don't ship here or the shipping prices are crazy expensive. The cost of products themselves here in NZ are pretty high enough (even when they're meant to be drugstore) and so I definitely wanted to take this opportunity to do a little drugstore haul.

The overall process is extremely easy to go through. When you sign up you get an 'address' and suite number which is in Delaware - which also means it's tax free. Theres nothing I hate more than not having the tax included in the price of the products. You go through the online shopping stages and use the address and suite number and your package arrives to the warehouse. I only ordered from Walgreens and that took literally 2 days which was super quick. They then give you the option to ship out your products or to repackage which means to you can order from more than one place but they'll package it so that you get the cheaper shipping cost.
The shipping cost is all based on where you live and how big/how heavy your packages are. My overall cost was only around $24 and although it was a relatively small package, there was a bit of weight to it which made the price for shipping increase.
The package arrived in New Zealand very well packaged and secure and this really surprised me. I had bought a few shadows so I definitely expected that to crack or break or something but everything came in one piece which was great. As for the shipping time I wasn't really too sure what to expect since I had never bought directly from the US before. Overall mine took a total of 12 days which is pretty good considering when I buy on eBay it can take up to months. The entire process was quick and easy and I'd definitely recommend you to give My Mall Box service a go if you're wanting to shop from US stores/sites but live internationally.
If you sign up with this link you'll get $5 credit to use -

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Blogging has been on the back burner of my life lately with work, full time study and doing a bit more design work and maybe interning in a couple of months - I literally don't have time which does make me really sad but hopefully during my break I can get back into it a bit more.

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