DIY Lip Oil

by - Friday, August 18, 2017

If you've read my post on Top Uses for Coconut Oil then you'll know how much I absolutely love it. Lip oils were and are a bit of a thing at the moment and I haven't gotten my hands on any yet. However I can only imagine how similar it would be to using coconut oil and just that it's in a convenient packaging. That ain't fooling me though. I decided to get to work on making my own DIY Tinted lip oil using coconut oil!

The consistency of coconut oil is a funny one as it's a solid in it's natural state and turns into a liquid when it's slightly warmer. This product will work better in a cooler environment if you decide to store it the way I have in just a little tub. If you live in quite a hot country it might be best for you to store this in some sort of tube with an applicator of just leave this to use at home. I also find that the warmth of your finger tips is enough to melt it slightly which makes it's easy but slightly messy to apply which is why I prefer to use it at home.

What you need: 
Coconut Oil
Mixing spoon/toothpick
Some sort of pigment (can be a lip stain, lip stick, liquid lipstick)
Empty Container
Vaseline is optional

Steps (it's pretty easy)
Start by getting your desired amount of coconut oil (add in vaseline if you want to - I did) and place in your empty container
Heat the coconut oil by simply surrounding the container with hot water - it melts quite easily
Mix in your pigments from whatever lip product you decide. If it already isn't a liquid consistency then heat that up too
Mix until everything is combine then leave at room temperature of place in the fridge for it to cool faster


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  1. Ohh this sounds wonderful!



  2. It looks very cute in a little pot. It would be a great Christmas stocking filler. Love, Iga

  3. This is a great DIY. It would be perfect to give to my nieces!

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