Page Dividers - Bullet Journalling #7

by - Friday, May 12, 2017

I have another bullet journalling post! If you missed last week, I did a Banner Ideas, for all of you who like to decorate your titles. 
This week I have Page Dividers. I know personally for me, I don't always like to take up an entire page and sometimes one page I used for all sorts of things. Obviously you can simply rule a line and call it a day but for everyone who likes to doodle and draw, this is for you!
My personal favourite is definitely the heart doodle at the bottom since it's so easy but looks really pretty and cute at the same time. The arrows are also really nice for a more minimal design.

Next week I have title ideas. The first week I did one for Banners and different title styles will definitely pair up well with that!
Also if you're currently journalling or a planner like me, leave some links down in the comments and I'd love to have a read too

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  1. These are all so pretty, I will have to use some of these in my bullet journal!

    Danielle xx

  2. Recently,over on YouTube I discovered this Youtuber called AmandaRachLee who goes through her method of bullet-journalling. I'm not sure whether you've heard of her but that's when a bullet journal particularly interested me.Those page dividers are so cute and pretty. When I do find the time to create my own terrible version of a bullet journal, I may just divide my pages with the above!

    #sweetreats xx


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