Wardrobe Essentials - All Year Round

by - Friday, April 21, 2017

It's about time I share a few of my wardrobe essentials for the entire year! The way I've categorised them is Spring Summer and Autumn Winter. I've done a Top Three Autumn Essentials previously on my blog but so far that's the only 'fashion essentials' kinda post I've done. 

Spring and Summer in NZ is pretty great. There are a couple of weeks where it will rain constantly but then the sun is out full bloom. Obviously a romper/playsuit is needed, it's pretty much a given. They're really easy to wear and style because it's literally just one piece. Another given is jean shorts. Everyone needs a go to pair of jeans shorts, they're sorta like plain white tees. Next up is some sort of striped top. I've had this ribbed sleeveless crop top for a few years now and I make good use of it, especially during Summer. I've been loving ribbed texture pieces and have a few of them in my wardrobe too. Lastly I have a pair flowy material shorts. There was a time where the only bottoms I wore were jeans shorts but now I've found that these are so good for lounge days.

I've got to say that Autumn Winter fashion is what I love most. Especially Winter because I really do hate warm weather. Although Winter in NZ is just really horrible because of the constant rain and wind. But with the right essentials in my wardrobe, I think I can work with the rain and wind. 

Jeans are obviously obvious. I love these Forever 21 high waisted jeans since they are just the right length for me. Also leggings are another go to. I know, I'm extremely basic, but this is an 'essentials' post so you need basic stuff! If you wanna be a bit more comfy go for leggings but if you wanna wear a crop top then go for jeans - pretty straight forward. For my choice of outerwear, I've gone with the classic denim jacket. I feel like lots of people will think this is more appropriate for Spring, but Spring in NZ starts getting pretty warm and this one has FUR, so Winter is where its at. Lastly is a staple piece everyone needs for Autumn because nothing screams it more than a flannel and plaid patterns.

There it is! Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter essentials. Let me know some of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe and what season is it where you live?

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  1. As a dress person, I love my floral dress. It makes me feel happy and confident when I wear it- perfect all year round! As well as converse! Lydia Eve, www.lydia-Eve.blogspor.co.uk xx

  2. Great post dear! Have a lovely Friday! ;)


  3. Love your picks especially the fur collared denim jacket! I've been wanting one for ages but haven't seen any I liked!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  4. I love a good flowy material shorts, its currently heading into the colder months in South Africa. I am totally going to miss summer.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva

  5. Love your picks! I really want to get my hands on a denim jacket!


  6. Denim jackets are fab, I have one with fur lining and one without so I can alternate between the seasons. Also, you can't go wrong with stripy tees!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  7. I love your style, Kathy! It looks so cute xx


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