Millennial Pink Sticker Collection - Red Bubble

by - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stickers have been round for ages now and if you were like me, you'd remember having a sticker book and trading stickers with friends on the daily - it was cool. Do kids even do that anymore? Anyways... Stickers have made a come back in the past year and so I've made a little collection on Red Bubble. And especially since I am obsessed with this whole Millennial pink trend, I just had to make them all this colour. I get it not everyone likes pink but isn't pink the only true rock n roll colour?
So these are all meant to be inspiring and powerful quotes with a little bit of humour and sarcasm to some of them because lets be real, how else do you get through.

So as I am very aware that this isn't everyones cup of tea, I have a few other designs on there too. Also these are available in other forms other than stickers such as mugs, prints, phone cases, etc. the options are endless. 
What are your thoughts on Millennial Pink?

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