April Goals - Bullet Journalling #5

by - Friday, April 07, 2017

Better late than never though, am I right?
Finally getting round to this blog post since I've just been quite busy with uni work lately. I always try to set myself some realistic goals at the beginning of every month whether they're written down or just in my head. It's something I think everyone should do since it really gives you something to strive for. Heres mine for April 2016

I haven't really been spending much time on my blog and have rarely been active on this thing until a few days ago so it's something I really want to get back into. I've actually really missed blogging and being able to engage with people from the content I write. Another thing I need to spend more time on is uni work, and I pretty much say this all the time at the beginning of every month but it's something I need to always work on! Speaking of uni and being at uni, I spend WAAAAY to much money. It's horrendous actually. So spending ban is up for the month.
I've really tried to get a skincare routine down pat for the past few months but its so hard when I don't really find anything to be working all that well. I do have a few products I love but constantly find myself switching them out. 
Social media is something people try to get OFF whilst I'm trying to get into it more, sounds odd right? I've been slowly understanding twitter and I'm actually starting to get it and use it more.
Music isn't something I'm HUGE about and I don't really get to discover new songs and bands and artists unless it's recommended to me or if it's a popular song. I really want to be able to branch out and discover a new music genre that I'm really into. Last thing I want this month is a job! I haven't really been looking and now I feel like I really should start, although I can tell I'm not going to have time for anything if I do get one!

Now I know everyone says, numbers isn't important, and I get that. I really do. But at the same time, those numbers and stats give you so much motivation to continue doing what you do. Surely have 0 followers and 0 readers would put you off and make you unmotivated in doing what you love, right?

Instagram hasn't always been something I've loved but as of the middle of last year, I've been loving the community I've slowly become a part of. I post letterings prompts, videos, typography and all that design stuff on my instagram and it's something I've really loved. Give it a follow if you please, it would make my day. OH. And if you decide to repost any of my work (which I encourage, I really do) please tag me and credit!!

Etsy is another thing I have been struggling so so hard with! I guess this is common for most start up small businesses but I never thought it would be this hard! If you didn't know, I AM ON ETSY! So far I've only made 4 sales and thats over the course of a year so I'm really hoping for more sales this year since I put so much effort into it.

Bloglovin', a platform I have been so so so grateful for since it's basically how I get all my reads and views! I've been slowing down on that since I just haven't been that active on it, which is completely expected but definitely hoping to reach 500 soon! I also catch up on all my fave blogs on there and I truly recommend getting yourself on that if you're a blogger too.

Other than having a spending ban, I'm also trying to sell a heap of my stuff! I think this is a NZ only thing, so if your in NZ, hit me up!! Link to my carousell is here and I definitely recommend a similar site to this if you just need to get rid of a few things. I know it's Spring somewhere right now so why not do some spring cleaning and earn money whilst you're at it!

Hope you guys really enjoyed this post, goals and what not are all up to you and I really hope I complete a fair few of these if not all! Let me know what your April goals are.

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  1. I have just put together a new skincare routine and it can be so hard to follow, especially at night when I just want to get in bed!

    Danielle xx

  2. I am the same with music. I usually stick to the songs that I am familiar with and the genre unless someone recommends something to me or plays it when I am with them. Lately, I have been just letting Spotify play songs that they think I will like based on my playlists and such, and so am discovering some pretty new stuff from there!

    And I am the same with social media as well! haha I need to get into Twitter more and use it for my blog but I actually don't really use social media for my blog apart from LinkedIn - which probably is the least used platform for the blogging community!

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com

  3. Lovely post, it's so nice to set yourself goals like this, it's something I definitely need to start doing. Writing more on my blog is definitely an ongoing goal for me.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  4. Thanks for sharing your goals, hope you sell your stuff and get some moneys xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  5. Good luck with your goals lovely, I hope you smash them xx

  6. I love that you have monthly goals, yearly goals can be such a task. Hope you get tons of sales on your etsy store.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva
    Snapchat: MeghanSSilva1

  7. Good luck with the job hunting! It's definitely hard to keep on top of everything when it comes to uni work and sometimes it's okay for blogging to take a back seat during those times! I should really write up goals....maybe I'd actually get something done then hah! xx



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