What goes up, must come down - 1 Year of Blogging

by - Friday, February 10, 2017

What a year.
This blog post is probably the longest one I've taken to write and think of so I'd really really appreciate if you take the time to actually read this.

Blogging for me started through the boredom alongside my love for photography and writing. I didn't actually think I would continue through the year or even last a month because it was formed through the free time of my break between high school and university. I also didn't expect to continue through university as I knew it was going to be an up hill battle constantly but in a way, it has motivated me to continue and to push myself. It definitely hasn't been easy in anyway.

Starting this blog I was a motivated 18 year old going head first and diving straight to the deep end having very little knowledge and understanding of how this would all work out. I thought I could do it, but didn't know and I'm sure that a lot of you who started your blog in the beginning felt this way too. I still remember my first blog post - A Healthy Green Smoothie. This was also the time where I decided I would start eating healthy all the time and look how that went (hint hint: not well).
Looking back, I have been able to discover so many things and really truly found a passion of mine and been able to share all my favourite things about me. One thing I can say about all of this is that this blog is 100% me. I stand by everything I say and put on this blog and I although I'm not ecstatic over every blog post I've posted, I'm proud of the ones that get people commenting and sharing and all that.

One thing I have learnt above anything else is that not everything you do you will succeed, and that not everything you do will always improve. In my first month of blogging I had found myself being so so so motivated and passionate about this new thing called blogging. It pushed me to read about other blogs to help improve my own as well as pushed me to get in touch with other blogs by commenting and sharing their stuff. I reached over 100 followers in just a month and that for me was absolutely crazy. Now after a year, surely you'd expect me to have over 1000 followers but thats obviously not the case. For some people it may be but for me it wasn't - and that it truly fine by me. I haven't been consistent so how could I expect my following and stats to be consistent.

On a positive note, I hope to continue this journey and take my blog in a bit of a different direction. I've been posting less beauty posts and been getting more into bullet journalling and design, something that is completely right up my alley so I'm definitely hoping that by doing this I enjoy the process a lot more than I already do!

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  1. Congratulations! One year of blogging is amazing and I wish you more and more successful years in the future. My blog turned 1 in November and it's feels like yesterday when I started. I know I have so much more to learn, improve my photography and improve my content.


  2. Well done on your first year of blogging, it is a good milestone!

    Danielle xx

  3. Aw, I started my blog two years ago yesterday (working on my 2 year anniversary post!) so congrats to you!
    I truly appreciate all of the support you've given me and I've totally been digging your hand lettering pictures on Insta! Keep up the good work & I can't wait to see what else you'll accomplish :)

    Rae // http://www.raechic.com

  4. Congrats! Keeping a blog through uni is really hard but I agree, it feel so so worth it. Can't wait to see where you'll go!

    xx, Pia

  5. You did a lot better in your first year than I did! It took me 12 months to get to 100! Growth can be slow to begin with so stay positive about the stats :) Happy Blog Anniversary !!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. Congrats on the 1 year milestone :) I always like to remind myself that blogging isn't for the numbers it's because like you said we love and have a passion for writing, photography and editing. I think that is what keeps us going. Lovely post xx



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