TV Shows I'm Loving #3

by - Friday, February 17, 2017

My last 'TV Shows I'm Loving' was way back in October and although I haven't done another one of these until now, I have defs still been watching a lot of tv. So many new tv shows have released which made me so excited to write another one.

For this post the team at Adore Me reached out and asked me to have a look at some of their stuff and let them know my thoughts. So as an extra bit of content I've included some of my favourite loungewear pieces at the bottom of this post because lets be real, who doesn't like snuggling up on the couch in their favourite pyjamas and just calling it a night.

So the first show I'm totally obsessed with right now is Incorporated. One thing I've noticed myself progressing into is Syfy which is crazy to me since I used to really not like Syfy as I just didn't understand the interest in it. Anyways, this show is on the Syfy network and it's set in the year 2074 separated into Green zones and Red Zones which is uncontrolled and is free to do whatever they like. It's all about a guy, Ben Larson, who disguises himself and works his way into a position of power within the government in order to reunite with a girl he used to know back in his Red Zone days. The plot is pretty heavy and will seriously pull you in.

I've also mentioned this show in one of my other posts but The 100 is back for the 4th season. Seriously one of the best shows ever! Cannot love this enough since it's progressed and developed so much since season 1. The show has had a bit of controversy but I wouldn't let that put you off at all. Don't want to spoil anything but it's basically about a group of '100' who are trying to survive living on the earth after not being able to for so long.

The Vampire Diaries have been around for so long and it has also taken me so long to start watching it. Once I started I was hooked although for the series season finale I did expect a little bit more and right now it's seeming a little rushed, anyone else think so? Anyways, defs recommend to watch it since it starts developing into something beyond Vampires which is what I thought it was all about in the beginning.

For a good comedy show that I've been really into is Fresh off the Boat. Being Asian myself this is somewhat relatable and I find everything about the show so funny. The show is somewhat based off of a real life situation about Eddie Huang a food personality find his way as an Asian American. It's such a good show to just

Now this last show is obviously to be expected in these posts of mine. The Bachelor. I have basically watched every season in the past 5 or 6 years? and can't say this season has disappointed. It's a very controversial season with Nick Viall being the 'lead' but I think I'm pretty 'pro-nick' at the point. If you wanna watch this season, maybe watch his first 2 seasons first as well as paradise season 3. It'll give you more of a background.

There is seriously nothing better than being all cozy and comfortable on your couch watching a bit of tv then dozing off right there. These pieces from Adore Me are super cute and also really inexpensive! Have a look at their stuff here if you're interested in some cute, VS-esque pjs!

What tv shows have you been watching lately and as always, leave some of your faves down below because I'm always looking for something new to watch!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES! Other shows I love are of course; pretty little liars, teen wolf, gossip girl, switched at birth and if you like vampire diaries you should watch the originals too xxx

    Marlinde x

  2. Gutted I don't think we can get these shows in the UK. Well, we have a version of The Batchelor but its awful in comparison to others!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I'm so bad at watching tv shows through - I always get bored and switch to another one haha! Will definitely be giving these a go though. :)

    Check out my recent post?

    Alice x

  4. I absolutely loved the show 'the 100' until they killed off Finn, it was too hard to watch after that.


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