A Guide To Simple Hand Lettering

by - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's been a while (like a real long while) since I've done a handlettering blog post. I did one when I first started my blog ages ago (here) and a lot of people really liked it so I figured I'd do another one.
Today I've got a really simple and super easy way to create calligraphy style hand lettering as well as a few other hand letterings I really enjoy doing. 

So the first is the 'fake calligraphy' style I know quite a lot of people use.

This is super easy and simple technique is basically how I do most of my hand lettering. It gives you the calligraphy style that looks oh so elegant but you can use something as simple as a ball point pen to do. Every time you do a downward stroke you make the line a bit thinner, like how you would normally push down on a calligraphy pen when doing your downward strokes. I also find that creating a wave rather than a straight line throughout your letters can create a nice flow and it also allows you to create shape and form in your hand lettering.

Here are a few more styles of hand lettering I like to do with a fine tip gel pen. They all generally use the same technique of creating the thicker line on the downward strokes as well as creating a wave in your letters to create that flow. I also really like using uppercase letters for this too as they make quite fun titles/headers. 

If you liked this blog post please share it around and follow my pinterest and instagram for more ideas on hand lettering. I started an instagram last year with the idea of it being used as a way to promote my blog and etsy. As time has passed by I've felt like I've wanted to turn it purely into a hand lettering feed which I know is not what everyone is into so I understand why people want to unfollow me.  

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  1. I've actually been meaning to get more into calligraphy and hand letting and I've been sort of using these techniques! Great advice! Thanks a bunch!

    xx Heather | stormywheather.com

    1. This technique is so easy! I'd love to see some of your stuff too x

  2. I love doing calligraphy style, I learned it for a school project and I'm always doodling it now! This is beautiful x

    Beauty From Katie

  3. Hand lettering always looked so cool! Yours look amazing! I love this post! I definitely am not a creative person, but I would love to give this a try!

    Cat // https://fromgirlc.wordpress.com

  4. This looks so pretty! I'm definitely going to try it :)


  5. Loving this! It actually looks so easy.. Def going to try it!




  6. These all look so beautiful, calligraphy is something I'd really like to try this year so I love reading posts like this :)
    Love Holly x


  7. Your hand-lettering is beautiful! I need to give this a go myself!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty



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