Nineteen things in Nineteen years

by - Friday, September 23, 2016

And now I'm a year older...
Today's post is a little bit random and whatever as I thought I would just share 19 things I've learnt and realised in my wise old 19 years of living.

1. Live life in the moment. How cheesy. But seriously, make the moments you have count

2. Don't stress the small stuff because it's probably not going to matter.

3. Don't worry about those who don't worry about you.

4. Don't think about the 'what if' and worry how things could've been different.

5. Make mistakes.

6. Never fall into peer pressure.

7. Money and materialistic objects can only buy you temporary happiness.

8. With the last one being said, get yourself a savings account if you don't have one already.

9. You don't need to always be the best.

10. Fighting with your mum is normal, it happens to the best of us

11. Wanting to rip your siblings heads off is also normal, sorta...

12. Wearing makeup to make yourself feel better is FINE.

13. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

14. But don't give people too many chances so that they take advantage of you.

15. Don't be so quick to make assumptions.

16. It's ok to not have watched any of the Harry Potter series.

17. It's also ok to still enjoy watching cartoons even when your 19.

18. Enjoy family days as they may not happen as often when you grow up.

19. And lastly, your happiness is most important. Once again very cheesy. 

Hope you enjoyed this. I am extremely grateful for the life I have been given and hopefully this post has made you reflect as well!

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  1. Such a nice little list, Kathy! Glad to see another blogger from NZ, I'm down in Nelson! :) Keep it up xx

  2. The post is so great! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!

  3. I loved this so much Kathy! YASSSS to 17 <3

  4. Love the list. Make mistakes has to be my fav!

    Jasmine x

    1. Right?! Thank you for reading :)

  5. Completely agree! I'm still 19 so there are some of these I should definitely focus on before I hit the big 20 x

    1. I have a whole other list for things I need to do before 20 haha! And yay for 19!!

  6. This is a great post!

    Danielle xx

  7. Lovely post!
    Amy x

  8. I love this kind of post! It's such a great idea :) x

  9. Love this post! Live life as much as you can, we only have one life to love so we must make sure we live it well :)


  10. I turned 19 this year as well. I love cartoons and I will even when I'm 60. Happy Birthday :)

  11. Fab post! I think I'm going to write one of these!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Thank you so much, can't wait to read if you do :)

  12. Lovely post hun :) I'm 19 also and even though I'm still young, I've truly learned so much already. Thanks for sharing!:)

    1. I know, I feel like especially these recent few years towards 19 is when you learn the most about yourself! Thanks for reading :)

  13. Love this post! So relatable even though I'm not 19 and much older now but it still counts x

  14. I still watch Cartoons all the time too! They make me laugh so it's all good :) Fighting with my sibling is a constant too! xx

    Velvet Blush

  15. I love love love this post! The years are going by so quick, these are such great tips xx

  16. I agree with all these points! I'm turning 19 in a week and its freaking me out a bit ahhah xxx


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