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by - Friday, May 20, 2016

So as I have been looking more and more into natural and organic skincare I have discovered so many new brands I love as well. A recent brand I have tried out is By Nature which is a New Zealand brand. The two products I tried out is the Face Serum and the Rosehip oil.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has been very popular throughout the beauty world because of all it's benefits. Trilogy is a very common brand but I decided to see what all the hype is about. After using this for about two weeks I have definitely noticed a huge notice in the texture and feel of my skin overall. Rosehip oil really does make your skin super soft and I feel like I don't get as many dry patches anymore. I love to mix this in with any night cream so that my face isn't oily throughout the day

Face Serum

One thing I have to admit that I was bad at was putting on moisturiser day and night. Sometimes I felt like it made my skin feel more oily or that it just didn't really make much of a difference to my overall skincare. However after using this product consecutively day and night for about 2 weeks I have loved it more and more. This is definitely becoming part of my daily routing because I love that it isn't tacky or sticky once rubbed into your skin. The scent of this face serum is so nice and fresh and the texture of the serum is really light as well. For the past few weeks I have also noticed that using this with the rosehip oil it has made my skin much smoother, and my makeup applies a lot more nicely

Although the serum already has rosehip oil in it, I add a bit more anyways at night because I feel and see improvement with it. This brand and their products have such great ingredients for your skin and will definitely become an essential in your skin care. 

One thing I was skeptical about all of this was that my skin is normally already quite oily. By trying out an oil and 'glowy skin' product I was able to finally see that dewy isn't necessarily a bad thing for someone with oily skin. I think that it actually gives a nice glow and has definitely helped me look more awake

By Nature did send me these products based on what I said I wanted to try out, however this blog post isn't paid for, I just love their products and have since purchased the face mask and their eye serum.

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  1. The rosehip oil sounds really exciting. I've been meaning to get one for myself too x

    1. It really has improved my skin ever since I started using it!

  2. I love using natural oils in my skincare routine, they just nourish my skin like nothing else! These sound great, especially the Face Serum! Thanks for sharing!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. Thank you for reading! I have been looking into other oils as well to test and try out

  3. Everybody raves about rosehip oil, and I really need to give it a go! Lovely post Cathy xxx

    Mae ♥

  4. I've been meaning to try oils for my face, and roseship sounds lovely. There's a product, Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil, that is a moisturizer that I'm saving up for. Putting these products on my wishlist!

  5. These sound great! Definitely on the list to try out. So glad I've come across your blog too, I love it! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog


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