Mother's Day DIY Gifts, Wall Decor and Cards

by - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Mother's Day is a week a way and it's time to spoil your mum! Not that you shouldn't spoil your mum everyday but on this extra special day it's important to let her know that you appreciate and love everything that she's done for you.

I have 3 gift ideas for you today, a letter block, a hand written wall decor piece and a hand made card.

So the first is a wooden letter DIY.

 - Wooden/cardboard letters - I chose 'MUM'
- Photos
- Some type of adhesive (Gluestick)
- Sealant (ModPodge)
- Hot Glue Gun

So first you just want to make sure the photos you have picked actually fit onto your wooden letters. My wooden letters were quick small so I had to photocopy and shrink them to size. Then you just want to arrange your photos along the wooden letters and trace where you need to cut. After this just start glueing each photo on and then seal them all so that they won't peal off.
Arrange the wooden letters either horizontally or vertically. I chose vertically as it was easier to glue together. Then your done, really easy and quick but still personalised.

Next is a hand written wall decor piece. 

- Fine liners
- Paper
- Frame

So this may look quite hard at first but trust me it is super easy.
All you want to do first is just use cursive hand writing (or any linking hand writing) to write out whatever you want. I decided on 'home is where mum is'
Then you want to go back in and with every downward stroke you did, make that a bit thicker. This will create the look of calligraphy when all you did was use a fine liner
Then all that's left is just to fill it all in.

Last is the handmade card.

Depending on which type of card you want to make

'Love you to the moon and back'
- Crayola super tip washable markers
- Card paper, folded into a card

With all these hand lettering DIY's they take a bit of practice. So first off when I started writing, with every downward stroke I did I pressed harder into the page. This will create a thicker stroke and sometimes angling the pen a bit more to the side will also help.
Then as you go back up, life your pen off the page a little to create the thinner strokes. As you write, make sure to stop and start with each letter because it is much easier to create the joints.

'Happy Mother's Day'
- Fine liners
- Card paper, folded into a card

This is the exact same technique as the wall decor piece

'Dear Mum/Mom' 
- Brush pens
- Water colour

So I have done a blog post on this already so if you haven't read it >> hand lettering typography << go check it out
But I have found that I have definitely gotten much better at this as I have practiced.
As with all the other hand letterings I have done, always remember to create thicker strokes when going down if you want to create the most 'calligraphy-like' look.


So that is it for the DIY gifts for your mum! Be sure to give these a try and tell me how they turn out.
If you like the look of the hand written wall decor pieces and the cards but you just can't get them right, I have an etsy shop 'AlongCameKathy' where I have recently added a bunch of my own work up.

The wall decor pieces are only $5.00 NZD and the cards are only $2 NZD!
They can either be purchased digitally where you can download and print or I can send you an actual copy and all you need to do is frame it.
The digital copy of the wall decor is only $4 NZD and the cards are only $1
I currently only have 1 of each up but if they sell then I will definitely put more up.
Also note that I can custom make them as well as alter any of the ones I already have and send you a preview. Click on my contact on my blog or email me here, or you can just send me a message through my etsy store

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these DIY's. Also don't forget to please check out my etsy store :) xx

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  1. Wow! Amazing wall decors!! Love hand written decors so much!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. What a fab idea, and your fonts look incredible! Happy Mother's day when it comes to your mum! Ours was in march here :)

    1. Aw! Thats a shame, but thank you so much :)

  3. These are such cute ideas! British Mother's Day has been and gone, but I might surprise my mum with one of these gifts - so adorable.

    Mind checking out my recent?

    Alice xo

    1. They're great for your mum whenever :)

  4. Wow the handwriting is so pretty! These are some great ideas-- and I looked at your etsy store, it's adorable!
    Love your blog, it really inspires me!
    x julia
    julia in bluhm

    1. Thank you so much!! You have an amazing blog as well :)

  5. A homemade card is always lovely for mothers day :) Great post xx

    Mae ♥

    1. I love making homemade cards - always so easy and quick :)

  6. I love your handwriting!

    Also, I tried to comment on this post before but my comment didn't pop up...

    1. Thank you so much! And that's quite odd!

  7. A cute little wall deco would be perfect for mothers day
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

    1. My mum loved it, such a cute little saying as well :)


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